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    Several key points in installing sound barrier

    2020-12-07 09:00:03

    This parameter means the structural importance coefficient; The word s represents the planning value of the load effect combination; The letter R indicates the planning value of the bearing capacity of structural members; FC this parameter indicates the planned value of concrete strength; C stands for the strength grade of concrete. These parameters are often encountered in the construction of sound barrier equipment.

    Each parameter has very important practical significance, and the requirements of planners should be strictly observed in the construction process. It is necessary for all parameters to conform to the standard, so that the sound barrier system can be safe and have excellent sound insulation effect.

    The height of noise barrier is closely related to high-rise buildings, which is closely related to people's study, work and days. With more and more high-rise buildings appear in the city, but the same high-rise production brings a lot of trouble, that is noise. The noise barrier is for the sake of noise. Various practical factors have been considered in the planning, which can reduce and reduce the noise level.

    As the government pays more and more attention to people's livelihood, it has also done a lot of work in reducing noise. However, there are many kinds of beautiful noise barriers around many high-rise buildings. According to the buildings around the high-rise buildings, we can see the characteristics of noise barriers. Assuming that the outside of the high-rise buildings is roads, then the noise barriers around the high-rise buildings are road noise barriers.

    The noise barrier outside the high-rise building can reduce the noise to several levels: a quiet environment is very important for the citizens in the high-rise building on a day. If your child is facing the homework of college entrance examination immediately, then you certainly don't expect him to face the trouble of noise. Generally speaking, the height of the noise barrier is 2-6 meters. Assuming that each floor is 3 meters, the effect of exceeding the height of the noise barrier is negligible.

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