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    How to choose sound barrier?

    2020-12-05 11:27:48

    Sound barrier is a kind of material with light weight, transparent, good heat insulation function, high strength, convenient installation and construction, high industrialization degree, good acoustic function and small occupation of building space. There are some noise barriers here.

    The function of closed noise barrier is mainly divided into fully closed and semi closed. Semi enclosed noise barrier can effectively improve the internal management of ecological barrier in China, control ventilation and lighting, and reduce the construction technology of noise barrier and the production cost of enterprises.

    Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) is a new and important thermoplastic material, which is used in building, sanitary ware, advertisement, decoration, etc. As a kind of transparent sound insulation material, it is rarely used in our country. This board has good weather resistance and does not need ultraviolet light. It's colored and bright. Some landscape design should be based on the content.

    After analysis, the pile can be fixed on the chemical anchor bolt or expansion bolt of the movable baffle. The diameter and anchorage length of the highway sound barrier should be calculated to ensure that the sound barrier has the pull-out function under the wind load. At the same time, the compressive function of concrete should be studied according to the partial compressive and shear strength of concrete and its foundation.

    The common foundation types of railway subgrade sound barrier generally include independent foundation, strip foundation, cone foundation, excavated pile foundation, drilled pile foundation, etc. After the formation of Passenger Dedicated Line subgrade, the settlement after t is controlled, so it is not suitable to use the excavated foundation as the foundation sound barrier of passenger dedicated line.

    Structural design of sound barrier: firstly, the function of sound barrier should have very basic strength, stiffness and stability, and the strength and stiffness of screen should be fully considered in the design; Stability and strength of column and root; At the same time, because the noise barrier is located on both sides of the development road, we should consider its anti-collision function. The influence of sound barrier on subgrade, bridge engineering structure and traffic information security should be considered comprehensively.

    The excellent comprehensive function of aluminum foam data has made noise control on roads, and the highway noise barrier has a good application prospect in other aspects. It has been used in the construction of aluminum foam noise barrier in Shanghai and Hebei. However, the preparation of aluminum foam is expensive, inefficient and has many other disadvantages. The application of foam aluminum and road noise barriers will greatly promote the rapid development of the manufacturing industry and then promote the development of occupation.

    The advanced multi-channel noise test method is used to study the noise reduction effect of different height noise barriers in different countries within 10m. The multi-channel noise test analysis system takes inch as the unit to ensure that multiple test location information can be tested at the same time and under the same conditions.

    Soundproof landscape barrier is the protection of residential area against noise by beautifying the earth dike, planting wall and other landscape.

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