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    Environmental requirements of sound barrier on site

    2020-12-05 11:14:39

    Noise barriers are mainly used outdoors. In buildings, if the requirements for sound insulation are not high, the disassembly and movement of the barriers are more convenient, and they have a certain sound insulation effect. Therefore, the use of noise barriers is more difficult. Let's explain the environmental requirements of noise barriers when they are set up.

    1. Is the sound source surface too wide

    We usually deal with traffic noise as a line source. Now there are four lanes, six lanes, eight lanes and even twelve lanes on the expressway. Such a sound source can not be treated as a line sound source. If the sound source surface is too wide, the components of the noise touching the sound barrier will be greatly reduced, and the sound shielding effect will be greatly reduced.

    2. Whether there is sound reflecting surface around.

    If there is a sound reflecting surface in the surrounding environment, the planning of sound barrier will become very difficult. Because the noise reflected by the reflector will not touch the sound barrier, the noise reduction effect of the sound barrier will be greatly reduced.

    For example, the function of noise barrier is not good. Because the buildings on both sides of the street are reflective surfaces, the function of noise barrier is greatly reduced. Therefore, when planning the sound barrier, we should first consider whether there is a reflecting surface in the surrounding environment. If the reflecting surface is too complex, we should not consider the means of sound barrier.

    3. Whether the target height of sound barrier maintenance exceeds the height of sound barrier.

    If the height of the maintenance target is lower than the height of the noise barrier, the noise barrier will play a better role; If the maintenance target is higher than the noise barrier, it is not suitable to set the noise barrier.

    For example, it is not suitable to use noise barrier to reduce traffic noise on the viaduct in the urban area built by high-rise buildings. In this case, it is economical and effective to take measures on the doors and windows of buildings.

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