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    What kind of sound barrier is good and what are the technical requirements?

    2020-12-05 11:03:53

    Highway noise barrier is a widely used product. There are eight gates and five flowers on the road. Highway noise barrier the sound insulation function of highway noise barrier can be indicated by noise reduction, which embodies the above two kinds of shielding and transmission skills of noise barrier. What are the technical requirements for installing highway noise barriers?

    First, what kind of highway sound barrier is good.

    1. Applied to traffic sound insulation of metropolitan expressway, it creates a sound insulation selection with better light transmission and beautiful appearance. PVC sunlight board and sky blue sound insulation board are selected.

    2. As for the selection of sound insulation for suburban roads, the demand for elegance is not very high. If the cost is slightly lower, the same sound insulation effect can reach the scale.

    3. Applied to highway sound insulation, it is proposed to bear grass-green sound insulation and sound absorption, one is to alleviate visual discomfort, the other is sound insulation and sound absorption, which can achieve good noise reduction effect. Highway noise barrier

    What are the skill requirements of highway noise barrier?

    The data that are not easy to be aged should be selected for highway noise barrier to extend the service life of the product.

    During the production and processing of highway noise barrier, the actual dimensions of embedded parts and column spacing should be verified on site before the processing device.

    EVA sponge rubber strip is set between the highway noise barrier and H steel column for shock absorption and sealing. Sound barrier

    All data of highway noise barrier shall ensure normal service life of no less than 15 years

    Highway noise barrier components shall be randomly sampled and inspected on site. Inspection items: whether the anti-corrosion coating on the surface of components is damaged; Whether the outer package of sound-absorbing cotton is damaged; Opening rate of sound insulation board; Fill in the sound absorption data; The material condition of front panel, back panel and side panel of sound absorption board.

    The structural strength of highway noise barrier screen shall meet the uniform load of 150 / m, and the deflection shall be L / 600.

    Sound insulation column and shield board are important parts of sound insulation. The purpose of the column is to ensure the placement of the sound insulation board and the important support of the shielding wall. The shield board is divided into sound absorption shield board and reflection shield board, which is an important part to block direct sound. The goal of the top layout is to achieve useful attenuation of the diffraction sound at the top of the shield.

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